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Textile Conveyor Belts with Fabric strengthening for the Most Varied of Conveying Applications

By working continuously in the conveyor belts and system manufacturing industries, we have acquired thorough knowledge concerned to the conveyor belts and it‘s application. The broad range of the textile conveyor belts is the epitome of our insight, knowledge which is made by owing the requirements of varied industries for use in impact conditions and the low maintenance environment. These textile conveyor belts have several common aspects inclusive of superior tear resistance, impact resistance and rip resistance that apparently ensures long life expediency

Super soft

Offered textile conveyor belts are produced in 2 to 6 plies and are appropriate for industries where bulk materials are carried. Our super soft textile conveyors execute effectively with light duty to the heavy duty applications of varied industries.


Offered textile conveyor belt is a blend of the advanced technology and an international standard is made of the 2 strong EP fabric plies with the addition of the tough and resilient rubber deploy between the plies widely used to transport bulk material under light to medium heavy environment for raw material, stone, mining, building and earth material handling industries.


Offered textile conveyor belt is produced with 3 strong EP fabric plies with deployment of the tough and flexible rubber between the plies is an appropriate selection for the heaviest service conditions, adverse loading conditions or for coarse material. These conveyor belts are widely used in steel, mining, ore, stone, processing and blast furnace industries.


Offered textile conveyor belts are extremely strong in the nature and endow greater advantages, in contrast to the traditional conveyor belts and also boast grater assets that include ripping resistance, tear resistance, impact resistance and long life expediency. Best executes in high impact conditions and low maintenance environment inclusive of mining, quarry, wood, paper, cement and steel industries.


Cement, mining, quarry, wood, paper and pulp, recycling, steel industries.

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