Business type: Manufacturer, supplier and exporter
Product type: Conveyor System
Country: India

As a distinguished conveyor belt manufacturer, we have excelled in the market of the conveyor belt and to lead prospectively we continue with endeavors to render the greatest return on the investment. Our telescopic belt conveyor is one of them, which is manufactured to render loading and unloading of parcels effortlessly and significantly reduce the manned requirement by way of introducing extension and retraction in the telescopic belt conveyor. This telescopic belt conveyor is equipped with a motor to operate at varying length as per the requirement of the transport vehicle has faster and ergonomic loading and unloading at busy shipping, receiving operations and warehouses.


The ultra modern approach towards manufacturing conveyor belts has resulted in the telescopic belt conveyor with 360 degree bottom swivel which fairly proves the definition of the versatility by running in either direction or length and the motor for extension and retraction aids to reach the full length of truck or container. Along with having greater robustness, longevity, operational safety and cost effectiveness that have made our Telescopic belt conveyor a first preference when it is a matter of handling warehouses. Widely used in Cement, fertilizer, chemical, food, pharmacy, paper, flour mills and other allied industries.

Specification :

Conveyor Type Telescopic belt conveyor
Component to convey Carton boxes,Totes,Crates,Bages
Wt.carrying capacity 30 kg/mtr.
Back Length As Per Requirement
Elongated Length As Per Requirement
Total extended Length As Per Requirement
Conveyor Width As Per Requirement
Conveyor Input Height As Per Requirement
Conveyor Output Height As Per Requirement
Belt Material PVC anti skidding belt
Conveyor MS with powder coating.
Conveyor Stand MS with powder coating
Ground support Wheels
Speed of conveyor Adjustable Speed (10–20 mtr/min.) 

Note: Along with renowned as a Telescopic Belt Conveyor manufacturer in India, our specialty lies in manufacturing conveyor belts, conveyor rollers, rubber moulded products and polyurethane products, all are available at the best affordable rates. For any type of purchasing help for our products, contact us today!!

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