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Product type: Conveyor System
Country: India

To bestow versatile and rugged conveyor system for the industries which are coping with heat treating, food processing, snack food, foundry, forging, ceramics and glass, we bring forth a solution that is a blend of latest technology and high performance capability call it wire mesh conveyor system. This offered system is fabricated by employing carbon steel belts and high metal alloy composition which has a capability to uphold low or elevated temperatures, corrosive environments and impact resistance throughout the life span. Such unparalleled traits of our wire mesh conveyor system have proved it’s a worthy solution for varied application inclusive of washing, quenching, annealing and polishing.

We offer a broad array of these wire mesh conveyor systems to surpass the requirement of each and every industrial application which encompasses tight wire mesh conveyor system, posses greater flexibility to convey small parts, smooth surface belt conveyor system, posses defined transfer and wire belts with large openings, render easy flow of air or water as well as easy clean for your product. All these types of conveyor systems are also available with customization and leading price rates in the market.

Chain MaterialSteel, stainless steel
Link Width of Plastic82, 88, 101, 114, 127 & 152 mm
Link width of stainless steels82, 88, 101, 114, 152, 177 & 190 mm
Link Width of Polypropylene150 mm
Motor220-240V (delta) / 380-415V Y (star) / 50 Hz
Fixed SpeedMin 5 m/min; Max 35 m/min
Variable SpeedWith VFD (1 phase input & 3 phase output)
StructureAluminum, steel, stainless steel
TypeStraight, inclined, angled or z shaped


Wire Mesh Chain Conveyor System

Note: Along with renowned as a Wire Mesh Chain Conveyor manufacturer in India, our specialty lies in manufacturing conveyor belts, conveyor rollers, rubber moulded products and polyurethane products, all are available at the best affordable rates. For any type of purchasing help for our products, contact us today!!

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