Return idler rollers presented incorporate excessive performance based idlers that discover use belt conveyor components. The Return idler roller is available with us in user-defined specifications. Return rollers are use to support the conveyor belt and are installed on the channel shape edge, Groove shape onward tending idler frame and change idler frames. Rollers are designed for smooth rotation, low noise, and long service life.

The Return idler rollers capabilities an included satisfactory adjustment to completely rectangular the belt. The roll itself is one piece, and the assembly includes a 3-piece adjustable hanger bracket and swivel-and-pivot aspect, which permits the roll to be swung away from its help before casting off the whole assembly.

Return idler rollers with spaced rubber jewelry contribute largely to removing the buildup of scale that forms in positive conditions on the belt floor. These rollers are equipped with deep groove ball bearings covering 20 mm to 45 mm diameter. The idlers are lubricated for life. Regressing arrangement of individual rollers is provided to customers on request.


  • System component for conveyor structure used for moving bulk materials
  • Deep groove radial ball bearing adopting bidirectional seal structure
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