Omtech Food Engineering, Conveyor Belts For tea dust manufacture ind. supplied comprise on-floor or in-floor conveyor systems the offer flexible utilization value in involved applications in the tea and food industry. We offer lengthy conveyor system to about 100 meters and 800 mm to 1000 mm huge in tea gardens for processing of tea leaves. Our huge variety satisfies the need of all tea garden conveyor system OEMs. Coming with multiple combinations, those tea conveyors provide economical in addition to logical solution for handling the delicate material handling operations involved. Further, these Conveyor Belts For tea dust manufacture ind. can be made available in different lengths and in different thicknesses to satisfy the need of all tea garden conveyor systems.

With our extensive experience in the field right from product design to installation and different related services, our team ensures offering compatible material handling solutions as per the specific process utility and manufacturing requirements.

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