1) Product dimension

The product is a primary concern when configure a conveyor system, it is advisable have an insight information associated with your product when looking to own a conveyor system, which incorporate

  • Minimum and maximum dimension of your product
  • Minimum and maximum weight of your product
  • Number of products need to flow per day, per hour, per shift
  • Height of the components going to attach with conveyor system

2) Type of product

The outstanding throughput of the conveyor systems has increased its acceptance in the multifarious industries, resulted in necessity of fabricating wide range of the conveyor system to match with every industrial demand. For an instance, the conveyor system configured for boxes would not be appropriate for the bags, as both boast different need to execute efficaciously, and if you are looking for a conveyor system which is versatile for bags and boxes both, it also demands different traits. To sum up, you need to ensure a whole product range, rather than one product and accordingly decide on the conveyor system.

3) Hold up of the process

From the prolong experience in the allied filed, we have learnt every product profoundly and so as today our team has the eyesight and acumen to cover every segment that impacts efficacy of the conveyor system. During the design phase, we review the processes downstream to anticipate if any new bottlenecks have created and accordingly we render solutions that needed for processes like scanning, weighing, taping, dimensioning, etc.

We ascertain satisfactory solution to your necessity in terms of cost effectiveness and favorable result, a result that ensures:

  • Wide range of delivered materials
  • Large conveying competence
  • Potential for long conveying distance
  • Strong adaptability to conveying line
  • Handy to load and unload materials
  • High reliability
  • Big saving of construction investment
  • Low power consumption and high efficiency
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