Modular Plastic Belt Based Conveyor Bends that Drives you round the Bend

By leveraging our extensive experience and expertise we offer a turnkey solution for the industries where space or product direction is an issue called bend modular belt conveyor. These conveyor systems is an extremely successful alternative for the conveying application that entails curves, available in 90° and 180° standard angles as well as other angles as per the application necessity are available on the request. Our bend modular belt conveyor is widely acknowledged by automobile, food and other industries for its high durability, reliability plus smooth and consistent performance assets.

We have employed stainless steel and carbon steel to fabricate the bend modular belt conveyors are available in varied dimensions as per the application requirement and suitable to transmit products as well as pallets of any sized.


Pitch 30mm
Surface 37% Open Area
Drive System Joint
Belt Width Multiple of 100mm
Connecting Rod Dia. 8mm
Belt Material Nylon Glass Filled
Belt Strength 2,400 Kg/M
Curve Belt Strength 100 Kg/M
Temperature 40 to 90 Deg C
Belt Weight 7.39 Kg/m2
Available Color Black

Note: Along with renowned as a Bend Modular Belt Conveyor manufacturer in India, our specialty lies in manufacturing conveyor belts, conveyor rollers, rubber moulded products and polyurethane products, all are available at the best affordable rates. For any type of purchasing help for our products, contact us today!!

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